Basic Posterior Workshop
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3D Infusion provides you with the ultimate in digital dentistry technology. Let us help strengthen your practice by teaching you how to do same-day dental restorations, improved orthodontic treatment and planning, and integrated implantology.
Single Restoration
Why you need this Workshop.
No temporary restorations.
High-quality ceramic products.
Minimal invasiveness.
Less injections and discomfort.
Fewer dental visits.
Cost effectiveness.
Increased bottom line.
More natural tooth is saved.
Long lasting restorations.
This course is ideal for dentist who are new to single restorations as well as for those more experienced Dentists looking to expand their knowledge.
At 3D Infusion we strongly believe in the power of Community between peers. Our program is based on "Sharing" what we teach you and what you already know with everyone on your team.
1 on 1 Training Using The Latest Technology in Cerec and Cone Beam
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Full-contour restorations in a single visit – only with CEREC

Surprise your patients with faster, more comfortable treatment. Now you can combine the advantages of zirconia with the proven CEREC workflow. You satisfy the most stringent quality standards while your patients get the best possible treatment.

At 3D Infusion we customize our curriculum to meet you where your at. We understand every dentist learns differently. We custom create our curriculum to fit your needs and your experience.

After your first training at 3D infusion, You will fully understand the tools within CEREC software that make your life easier and results more predictable.
Efficient techniques for planning, milling, and placing multiple CEREC posterior restorations
Step-by-step fabrication technique of the custom abutment and screw retained abutment crown.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Keys to all CEREC success
  • To thoroughly understand each design technique Biogeneric Individual, Biogeneric Copy and Biogeneric Reference
  • To become efficient with CEREC blocks
  • How to design and mill multiple restorations adjacent and opposing restorations
  • The importance of the Model Axis and other tools with CEREC software
  • How to fabricate chairside temporary bridges
  • The difference between fabricating provisional and permanent bridges
  • How to contour and crystallize permanent e.max bridges
  • The Virtual Articulator function of the software, how to use it and for what clinical situation
  • The range of materials choices and their indications
  • How to mix and match various design techniques, including Biogeneric Individual and Biogeneric Copy for the same patient
  • Advanced techniques to increase the efficiency of your CEREC fabrications
  • How to send your cases to the laboratory using CEREC Connect
  • How to manage multi-unit fixed partial denture cases with CEREC, from temporization to digital fabrication of the final restorations
  • A thorough understanding of the bonding protocol and various types of cements available, from self-etching to total etch

Yes, every additional team member who signs up with you will receive a $1,000 discount.

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