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Cerec Guide 2 (CG2)


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What is the CEREC Guide 2 Workshop?

You will be trained on:

How to plan, design, and fabricate a chair-side surgical guide with the CEREC Guide 2 solution
The steps involved from start to finish in planning, placing and restoring an implant using the guided protocol 
The basics of dental implant treatment planning, including the advantages of prosthetically driven treatment planning
Fundamentals of CEREC and Galileos integration
The basics of guided surgery over current freehand techniques
How to import prosthetic proposals designed in CEREC into Galileos Implant Software to be used for implant planning
Guided surgery tips and tricks to ensure a predictable implementation

CEREC Guide 2 Downloadable PDF

Place implants on your own and map the entire process in your practice with CEREC. Combining the CEREC Workflow with 3D images from our 3D imaging family means greater safety for newcomers and professionals: Integrated implantology enables you to surgically plan implants and implement the plan precisely using a surgical guide, the CEREC Guide 2, the fastest and most cost-effective surgical guide in the world.

After your first training at 3D infusion, You will fully understand the tools within CEREC software that make your life easier and results more predictable.
Efficient techniques for planning, milling, and placing multiple CEREC posterior restorations
Step-by-step fabrication technique of the custom abutment and screw retained abutment crown.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Keys to all CEREC success
  • To thoroughly understand each design technique Biogeneric Individual, Biogeneric Copy and Biogeneric Reference
  • To become efficient with CEREC blocks
  • How to design and mill multiple restorations adjacent and opposing restorations
  • The importance of the Model Axis and other tools with CEREC software
  • How to fabricate chairside temporary bridges
  • The difference between fabricating provisional and permanent bridges
  • How to contour and crystallize permanent e.max bridges
  • The Virtual Articulator function of the software, how to use it and for what clinical situation
  • The range of materials choices and their indications
  • How to mix and match various design techniques, including Biogeneric Individual and Biogeneric Copy for the same patient
  • Advanced techniques to increase the efficiency of your CEREC fabrications
  • How to send your cases to the laboratory using CEREC Connect
  • How to manage multi-unit fixed partial denture cases with CEREC, from temporization to digital fabrication of the final restorations
  • A thorough understanding of the bonding protocol and various types of cements available, from self-etching to total etch

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