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Guide to CBCT


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Objectives in Series 1

  • Hands on case studies for utilizing a CBCT unit
  • A review of CBCT applications for your practice
  • Experience how to go through a volume and look for abnormalities.
  • An understanding of how CBCT can improve your practice
  • Group discussions in a relaxed environment

Following course completion, the participant should be able to:

  1. Understand how to utilize CBCT to improve diagnosis and treatment planning
  2. Learn fundamentals of CBCT technology, radiation safety and how to answer patient dose questions
  3. Learn viewing techniques for interpretation of CBCT images
  4. Understand legal and ethical aspects of Cone Beam CT scans
  5. Experience the positioning of patients and operations of a CBCT unit with your dental team
  6. Vacation in Gilbert Arizon


Series 2

A comprehensive understanding of interpreting CBCT anatomy and pathoses is  an indispensable  aid in the clinician’s ability to review a CBCT volume for significant findings. This course is case based and designed to prepare the dental practitioner to systematically review a CBCT volume, recognize and categorize signs of abnormalities and how to manage the resultant findings and partner with an oral and maxillofacial radiologist.  Learning will be accomplished through a hands on laptops based approach using anonymized CBCT cases. Legal and ethical considerations will be covered as well as the role of the oral and maxillofacial radiologist in providing an advanced CBCT reading service to aid the clinician for those cases where abnormalities are recognized but not completely understood.

The course is presented in individual modules, based on disease categories consisting of a 10-15 mini-lecture followed by 20-25 minutes of hands-on cases. The disease categories are as follows: Developmental conditions, trauma, inflammation, benign and malignant tumors, cysts, fibro-osseous lesions and other lesions of bone, and lastly systemic disease. Following the course each participant with will have the skill sets to review CBCT volumes with confidence