Fundamentals of 3D Printing in Dentistry

3D Infusion guides Doctors AND their teams through a 1-Day intimate 3D Printing workshop. Make the technology you invested in work now. Provides 8 CE credits. Here is a brief overview of what the training will include:

Course Objectives:

  • Bridge the Gap between the novelty and the effectiveness of 3D printing
  • Understand how to seamlessly integrate 3D printing into your daily workflow
  • Focus on procedural based implementation of 3D printing technology in dentistry
  • Learn what pitfalls to avoid in making 3D printing profitable in your practice
  • Calibrate your team to work the system and let the printer do the heavy lifting of production

Topics We’ll Cover:

Fundamentals of 3D Printing in Dentistry
What have you gotten yourself into?What can we print, and does it make sense (financially) to print that?

Intraoral Optical Scanning Techniques (hands on)
Nuances of intra-oral scanners, STL exports, upload for design

Planning/Designing of Appliances (hands on)
3rd Party vs In-House, Time/Control/Convenience, PreForm/RayWare setups, nuances of angle and supports

Setup vs. Set up of 3D Printing (hands on)
How/where to set up the printer for best process and flow, letting the technology do the work

Maintenance and Care of Equipment (hands on)
Scheduled maintenance and continual maintenance

Post Processing of Devices for Successful Delivery (hands on)
From washing and curing to polishing and making ready for clinical delivery

Overview of Advanced Procedural Uses of 3D Printers
What’s next in profitable workflows for 3D printing in Dentistry

* No refunds for any cancellation within 2 weeks of any workshop.