Nov 18-19 Advanced CEREC Restorative Course

3D Infusion guides Doctors and their teams through a 2-Day intimate Advanced CEREC Restorative Course utilizing “LIVE PATIENTS”. Progression from Hands-on to Live Patient Endo Restoration, Implant Restoration, and Anterior Restoration with utilization of CBCT Technology. In our courses, you are the clinician and provider! 12 total CE credits for the course.

What we’ll cover:

  • Implant Restoration featuring: Primescan, Primemill, PrimePrint
  • Soft tissue prep, punch vs flap. Closure healing cap vs cover screw vs temp crown
  • Getting started patient selection, patient consults, education, treatment notes
  • Potential risks and managing complications
  • Single tooth implant “The Bread & Butter of Implantology”
  • CBCT + CEREC integration “Complete Digital Chair-side Workflow”
  • Virtual Free-Hand Placement for Precision Guided Placement
  • CEREC Guide 2 Design and Manufacturing
  • Live Patient Implant placement per Doctor Attendee

Cost: $2,995 + 12 CE’S

*Include: Primary clinician +2 assistants
* 2 nights hotel for clinician and assistants
* 2 rooms (Addl. Rooms add $400)
* Breakfast and lunch included
* Transportation upon request